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sensei hemanth kumar Shihan.P.P HEMANTH KUMAR

Chief instructor/Examiner of India and Arab Countries
6th Dan Black Belt,(Okinawa)

Born in 1965 at Pallikkunnu (Kannur).Son of Kunhappa, famous artist-cum-photographer and Rohini. Took to Kalarippayattu, the indigenous martial art of Kerala in a very young age. Fascinated by Bruce Lee film "Enter the Dragon" later gave himself to Karate Do. Trained in different Karate styles, but could not come up to the mark for lack of recognised mentors. Joined Shorin Ryu in 1985. Shifted to Goju Ryu years later .This was a turning point of his career.

Graded progressively in Goju Ryu, and bagged prices in District, State and National level competitions.He was a keen student of Karate even while having been an accomplished instructor. Imparted karate coaching to the cops of Kannur Dist Police from 1994.

World Grand Master

hanshi-ikken-tokashiki Hanshi:IKEN TOKASHIKI

10th Dan Black Belt

Born in Wakasacho (Okinawa) on 22 June 1940. Father : Iei Tokashiki and Mother: Tsuru Tokashiki. Given to the training of Okinawa Te right from his childhood under famous Tomarite Master Nakasone Seiyu. Appointed as a trainer in 1967 after long years of strenuous learning. Then took to learning Goju Ryu under Seiko Fukuchi, friend of master Nakasone and disciple of Higa Seiko.

Tokashiki Instructed Tomarite to the senior students of Master Fukuchi even as he practised Goju Ryu under the master. Tokashiki was master fukuchi's chosen disciple to inherit his Goju Ryu Dojo. Remember, master Fukuchi's selection was done among his own son Isao fukuchi and other super senior students. Master seiko fukuchi passed away in 1975.

master-nakasone-seiyu Master Nakasone Seiyu : (1883-1983).

Born on 15 Jan 1893, founder of Matsumura-Tomarite. Beloved disciple of Matsumura Kosaku, and the later's only successor in the style .Taught by Iha kotatsu, Maeda Ginin, Nakasato Chickashi died in April 1983.

master-seiko-fukuchi Master Seiko Fukuchi.

Born on 4 Aug 1919. Learned Goju ryu under Master Higa Seiko. Became assistant instructor of Higa Seiko.Founded Goju Ryu Senbukan Fukuchi Dojo in 1964.Expired on 18 july 1975. Spent his life's career for the growth and popularity of okinawan Karate. Master Fukuchi.